The mission of The Jeremiah Project is to enhance creative and critical thinking skills and improve self-esteem among underserved youth through creative expression.

Just like the clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand”. That line from the Old Testament Book of Jeremiah has served as such a wonderful metaphor for all that the Jeremiah Project has sought to accomplish. Clay comes from the ground and grounds those who touch it; clay requires centering on the potter’s wheel before it can be shaped; clay is forgiving, it can be remolded if we make a mistake; shaping a vessel is similar to the power we have to shape our own lives; “opening” the clay, a step in the process of clay creation is similar to opening ourselves to possibilities. These are the messages we hope, ever so subtly to convey to kids, many of whose lives are harder than we can begin to imagine. We hope engaging their creative brains can provide a respite, a little oasis, and help them develop critical and strategic thinking in the process.

The Jeremiah Project is the proud recipient of a 2017 Florida After School Alliance (FASA) Award of Excellence for our work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida After School Zone Program. see more

What I love about The Jeremiah Project is the openness of the staff to taking any kid that we bring to pottery and giving them an optimal experience.
— Tasha Robinson-Banks, Senior Service Director, Boys & Girls Club